Revenge Of The Pink Panther

Released 1978


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Revenge of the Pink Panther is a comedy film released in 1978 and is the sixth installment of the popular Pink Panther film series starring Peter Sellers as Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau. The film revolves around Philip Douvier (Robert Webber), a businessman and leader of the French Connection. To prove to the New York Mafia that he is a reliable partner, he orders his men to kill Jacques Clouseau. Douvier makes an attempt on Clouseau's life and after Clouseau unknowingly thwarts it, a series of misunderstandings leads many to believe that Clouseau has in fact been murdered. Clouseau has actually been taken to a mental asylum. It is in fact the same asylum where Clouseau's former boss Dreyfus (Herbert Lom) is being held. After Dreyfus passes out at the sight of what he thought to be Clouseau's ghost, Clouseau dons Dreyfus' clothes and he is released from the facility. Clouseau then must give the eulogy at his own funeral, only to have his true identity revealed. Douvier gives the order that his secretary be murdered, which is relayed to Clouseau. Clouseau uses the secretary to trap Douvier and have him arrested and through a series of comedic happenings it ends up happening at an exploding fireworks warehouse.moreless
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