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Jack Bender
"Rewind" revolves around a team of military field operatives and civilian scientists who must use untested technology to travel back in time to alter past events in order to change the future and avoid a devastating terrorist attack.

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    • Sean: Honestly, Rourke, you're not a terrorist. You came in here with no intention of giving us that code. I see a man with an idea in his mind and he won't let go. But mostly I see a man who's still wearing his wedding ring 37 years after the death of his wife. So maybe we should talk about her.
      Dr. Rourke: She's so beautiful. She doesn't age, does she? Time cannot change her.
      Sean: What is this? In your mind? Is this about a guy who believes blowing up New York will somehow bring his dead wife back?
      Dr. Rourke: Do you have anyone there, Mr. Knox, a wife of your own, perhaps?

    • Sean: In your journals you talk about a "life-creating act of destruction."
      Dr. Rourke: Every act of creation is first an act of destruction. That's Picasso, actually. I can't claim credit.

    • General Webb: (after a nuclear bomb wipes out NYC) The President has authorized me to pull together a measure of recourse.
      Sean: Recourse? What--what recourse, General? You think--you think anything we do right now is going to make this better? Things don't get better now, General. I took a chance. I blew it. I can't get it back. And no matter what that--that grand jury says, it's--it's not going to be worse than knowing that.

    • John Malcolm: General, I don't think that involving a civilian in a field op is a... particularly good idea here.
      Lindsay: I do.
      Danny: Do we get a vote in this?
      John Malcolm: Preferably not. But I guess that's up to the general.

    • Sean: So, uh, let me get this straight. You've never actually sent a living thing back into the past and successfully brought it back.
      Lindsay: We sent a cat through.
      Sean: Yeah? What happened?
      Lindsay: I'll let you know when we find it.

    • Sean: Bryce, let's just get this out of the way. What is your problem?
      Lindsay: My problem is that none of you have any idea what we're getting into. This window is not just some weapon of blunt force, all right? Everything in the past is connected. Every moment, every--every event. It all adds up to this reality that we call the present. Can we use this window to alter history? Absolutely. But we're manipulating Nature in it's most fragile state.
      Sean: And saving nine million lives...?
      Lindsay: If we get it right.

    • Charlie: Two hundred bucks says it's the 1950s.
      Priya: When have you ever been right, Charlie?
      Charlie: I was right about the Civil War.
      Priya: It was the Spanish Civil War.
      Charlie: Still a civil war.

    • Priya: I knew it was Hoover! You know, he was the last President to be sworn in while it rained.
      Sean: Is she always like this?
      Charlie: Yeah, it gets exhausting.

    • John Malcolm: So what exactly is this, Dr. Bryce?
      Lindsay: It's called a "panopticon."
      Charlie: It, uh, studies ripples. Amasses data from weather satellites, radio signals, the Internet.
      Danny: Which in English means...?
      Charlie: That was English.

    • Lindsay: Basically, Charlie can show us how actions in the past create ripples in the present. We've developed a special analytical...
      Charlie: I developed the analytical program.
      Lindsay: Charlie developed...
      Charlie: Thank you.
      Lindsay: ...the program.
      Charlie: No need to be humble here.

    • Danny: So you used to work at NASA?
      Ellis: Uh-huh.
      Danny: So what brings you here, man. I mean, this must seem like a step backward after outer space, right?
      Ellis: You know, I asked Dr. Bryce that very same question when she came to me. I said, "We've been to outer space and we've been to the bottom of the sea. Where else is left for Man to go?" You know what she said to me?
      Danny: What's that?
      Ellis: Backwards.

    • Priya: Congratulations, Dr. Bryce, on being the first time traveler in history.
      Charlie: That we know of.
      Priya: Shut up, Charlie.
      Charlie: Still good.

    • Danny: Okay, one small step for Man, one giant leap backwards for Mankind.

    • Lindsay: It's just... you want to know something amazing? I could whisper the right thing into the right ear and I could change all that right now. I could save her. But then... who would I be? Losing her made me who I am. Would I be--would I be different? Happier? I don't know. What would you change?
      Sean: Doc, I wouldn't know where to start.

    • Sean: You want some advice from a guy who just broke every law of physics with you.
      Lindsay: Sure.
      Sean: You worry too much. Go celebrate. You just saved New York.

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    • Danny: Yeah, it looks like the Batcave.
      Referencing the secret headquarters of DC Comics' superhero, the Batman. It was first mentioned in Batman #12 (1942), but first seen in the 1943 Batman serial. Batman's creators, inspired by the movie, introduced the Batcave in Detective Comics #83 (1944). The Batcave is beneath Wayne Manor and traditionally holds all of Batman's computers, vehicles, and trophies, as well as whatever other equipment and workshops that he needs.

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