RoboCop 2

MGM Released 1990


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Irvin Kershner

RoboCop 2 is the 1990 science fiction action film sequel to RoboCop. Set in Detroit in the near future, the film follows former Police Officer Alex Murphy, now cyborg RoboCop (Peter Weller), as he fights crime on behalf of Omni Consumer Products (OCP). Not satisfied with their current contract to protect Detroit, OCP is determined to force Detroit into bankruptcy. Their ultimate goal: to foreclose on the city. OCP cuts pensions and salaries. The police go on strike. OCP deploys advanced robots made from retired police officers. Known as RoboCop2, these robots take the place of striking officers. The results, however, are dismal as the new robots commit suicide when they realize their predicament. RoboCop is forced to defend the city on his own while Dr. Juliette Faxx (Belinda Baur, ) OCP psychiatrist, attempts to find RoboCop's secret ingredient. Discovering his strong sense of duty and aversion to suicide, OCP quickly realizes amoral drug dealer Cain (Tom Noonan), who has been filling the streets with a new drug called Nuke, would be an ideal replacement. OCP quickly transforms Caine into RoboCop 2, and sets in motion a series of events that lead to an ultimate confrontation between RoboCop an RoboCop2.



Metacritic Score

  • 75

    The Globe and Mail (Toronto) Jay Scott

    For fans of violent but clever action films, RoboCop 2 may be the sultry season's best bet: you get the gore of Total Recall and the satiric smarts of Gremlins 2 The New Batch in o...

  • 63

    Miami Herald Bill Cosford

    Robocop 2 is as funny as it is loud, and nearly as smart as it is gross -- though the latter quality does win out, particularly in the climactic brain-squash sequence. [22 June 199...

  • 63

    The Seattle Times John Hartl

    Kershner never succeeds in creating anything more than a well-done carbon copy, self-consciously recycling themes and visual ideas from the first film while adding very little that...

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