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MGM Released 1990


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    Rocky V is the fifth film in the Rocky film series. Stallone's real life son Sage Stallone makes an appearance and so does real life boxer Tommy Morrison as boxer Tommy Gunn, an ingrate character who only uses Rocky for his connections and to try to win the World Heavyweight title. Sage Stallone played Rocky Jr., whose attempt to learn how to box also turned out to be an attempt to try to get his father's attention.moreless
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    Rocky V is a 1990 sport drama by director John G. Avildsen, starring Sylvester Stallone as Rocky Balboa in this fifth segment of the Rocky movie saga. This time, Rocky has reluctantly retired from the fast paced world of boxing, after sustaining permanent damage during a match with Russian boxer Ivan Drago. But Rocky is in for a bit of an unpleasant surprise when he discovers that the fortune he acquired during his days as a heavyweight champ has benn stolen by his accountant and lost on the stockmarket. Now he desperately needs a job and when an up-and-coming fighter, Tommy Gunn, asks him to be his coach, he agrees. It turns out that being at the center of it all, as a fighter, is quite different than working on the perimeter as a coach. Rocky V was nominated for a 1991 Young Artist Award, as well as seven 1991 Razzie Awards.moreless
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    The "Italian Stallion" rediscovers his roots in this exciting, thrill-packed drama that reunites Sylvester Stallone with the Oscar-winning director of the original Rocky. Upon returning home from his latest triumph, Rocky Balboa (Stallone) learns that all his money has been lost by an unscrupulous financial advisor. To make matters worse, his fight-relatedinjuries force his retirement from the ring. So Rocky, his wife, Adrian (Talia Shire), and his son,Rocky Jr. (Sage Stallone), move to their old, low-rent neighborhood in South Philadelphia. There, the fighter must resolve the deep-rooted resentment held by his son, a bitterness that grows when Rocky trains Tommy Gunn (Tommy Morrison), a young boxer who soon rises to national prominence. When Tommy turns against his mentor and publicly taunts him, Rocky knows he must fight once more.moreless