Rush Hour 2

New Line Cinema Released 2001





Movie Summary

Rush Hour 2 is a martial arts comedy starring Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker as the most unlikely crime fighting duo in the world. Inspector Lee (Chan) and Detective Carter (Tucker) are together again after the events of the first Rush Hour film. Detective Carter has traveled to Hong Kong to visit his friend Inspector Lee. Carter intends to have a good time partying around the city, but all that changes when a bomb goes off at the American Consulate and the two international lawmen are thrust into another deadly investigation. This time around, they’ll have to face the leader of the Triads, Ricky Tan. Tan is a well-known criminal figure, who Inspector Lee suspects was involved with the death of Lee’s father. Lee and Carter have both been ordered off the investigation, but the two keen cops can’t help but notice a few clues that lead them right into the middle of the Triads’ destructive path. Rush Hour 2 co-stars Roselyn Sanchez and Don Cheadle, and currently stands as the highest-grossing live action martial arts film of all time.moreless
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Action & Adventure, Comedy


Crime, Corrupt Politics, Characters With Hidden Agendas, Failed Crime, Fight For Survival