Scary Movie

Released 2000


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Keenen Ivory Wayans
Scary Movie is the 2000 comedy spoof sensation that made sport of the new generation of post modern horror fare, from comedy geniuses the Wayans Brothers (White Chicks). The basic story concerns a bumbling killer who uses the Scream movie cloak and techniques to hunt down a group of teenagers who accidentally killed someone years ago. Laughs are in two categories - totally gross ones that push the limits of acceptability and the censor, and in-jokes based on parodies of other movies. The teens are Cindy (Anna Faris, Brokeback Mountain, The House Bunny), Brenda (Regina Hall), Shorty (Marlon Wayans, The Ladykillers, Requiem for a Dream), Ray (Shawn Wayans, Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood), Bobby (Freddy Prinze), Greg (Lochlyn Munroe), and Buffy (Shannon Elizabeth, 13 Ghosts, American Pie). They are fighting for their lives in this hysterical spoof of the Scream Trilogy, Buffy, and more comical spoofs.


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    • Man: (To Brenda)For Christ sake will you shut your trap!
      Old Lady: Shut up!
      Brenda: I don't know why you all are acting like this! My girlfriend already saw this movie, she said they don't even stay together in the end!
      Nerdy Man: (As the killer is raising his knife, the man takes it) Give me that! (Stabs Brenda)
      Old Lady: Right on!
      Man: (As Brenda is rising Will you sit down?!(Stabs her, another lady stabs her)
      Old Lady: Your ass is grass! (Slices Brenda's throat with a scythe
      Lady: (At this point, everyone is stabbing Brenda This is for Velma! And Louise!
      Policeman: This is for talking! And the fugitive!
      Man #2: You ruined Schindler's List!
      Monk: And all the Jackie Chan movies!
      Lady #2: Boogie Nights!
      Pope: And Big Mamma's House!

    • Man: (To Brenda) Shut up!
      Brenda: (Pointing her camera at the man Mmmhmm! I got you on camera! You're on candid camera!

    • Brenda: (Watching the movie) MM! MMM MMM! MMM MMM! DON'T GO IN THERE! (Later) AHH! Ho ho! Lord my child! Damn this is some scary shit! Oh I am scared!
      Man: Excuse me!
      Brenda: Uh huh! I think I paid my money like everybody else in here! (Later, commenting about the movie) That ain't no man! You could see her real hair right there!
      Lady: Do you mind?
      Brenda: You better get out of my FACE! Outta my face! Outta my face! This is all me up in here, you handle that!

    • Ray: I'm going to go the bathroom real quick.
      Brenda: Don't go now, the movie is about to go on!
      Ray: Here, take your hot sauce.
      Brenda: Hurry up man! Don't be long! (While watching Ray exit the seats.) BACK UP! LET HIM THROUGH!

    • Brenda: (While at the movies; the screen says "please observe silence.) Mmm hmm! For all y'all talkers up in here! It's time to keep it down right now!
      Lady: Shh!
      Brenda: Shh back at you! Shh!

    • Cindy: (Being chased by the killer.) Grandma!
      Grandma: Hi sweetie! (Pushed down the stairs to slow down the killer)

    • Killer: (Chasing Cindy, and trips over a plant. Ugh, I got to stop drinking.

    • Cindy: Hello?
      Killer: I'm gonna kill you. I'm gonna slice you up.
      Cindy: Who is this?
      Killer: I'm gonna chop you like liver.
      Cindy: What do you want?
      Killer: I'm in the house. (Cindy starts to gasp.) I could be anywhere. I'm like the wind baby. Where am I?
      Cindy: (Stammering, pointing, scared) U-um, you're behind the couch.
      Killer: Wait, what? How do you know that?
      Cindy: I-I can um, see your feet?
      Killer: Ah, stupid... Okay, turn around, no peeking. (Attepmts to hide, Cindy turns to take a peek I said no peeking!

  • NOTES (1)

    • The trailer warning while Brenda and Ray are at the movies says the following:

      "The following PEEVIEW has been assproved for immature audiences only. If you can read this you are too close. Pee Pee Poopy Boogers Farts Butthole. The following movie is rated I for Immature. We thought it would be funny to put this here. Kiss our asses and take it off pause."


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