Scooby-Doo and the Witch's Ghost

Hanna-Barbera & Warner Bros. Animation Released 1999


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Jim Stenstrum
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Scooby-Doo and the Witches Ghost is another adventure from the gang at Mystery Inc., this time investigating the odd happenings at a famed horror writer's hometown. Velma is a big fan of Baren Ravencroft, the famous writer. After solving a mystery at a museum with the help of Ravencroft, the gang is excited when the writer invites them to his house in Oakhaven. There the gang finds a town set up as a tourist attraction with 17th century architecture and sites centered around the ghost of a witch, Sarah Ravencroft, who supposedly haunts the town. A distant relative of Ben, Sarah was persecuted as a witch in the 1600s. After some investigation, the gang finds out that many people in the town have something to hide. What is Ben's real reason for inviting them to this strange town? This animated mystery is from Hannah Barbera Cartoons and was released in 1999.


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    • Velma : Ben, that doesn't seem to be a journal at all.
      Ben : That's because it isn't, Velma. It's a spellbook. (Velma gasps) You see, Sarah wasn't a Wiccan. She was, indeed, a witch.
      Thorn: A real witch?
      Luna: Heavy.
      Ben : And since Sarah's blood runs in my veins, I guess that makes me a warlock.
      Shaggy and Scooby: Warlock?
      Ben : The Wiccans imprisoned Sarah in her own spellbook. And you helped me find it.
      Velma : You lied to me, Ben.
      Ben: Well, gee. I had to. I've been searching for years. Then I read about your exploits. I knew that of anyone could help me find the book, it was you and your friends. I orchestrated the whole mummy scheme. Paying off the archaeologists and the security guards, just to lure you to the museum so we could meet. Yes, Velma, I tricked you into helping me. And it worked.
      Fred: And you were in on Ben's plan, too.
      Mayor Corey : No. We're surprised as you are. Honest.
      Ben : For once, he's telling the truth. That stupid, fake ghost was the town's idea. But it did work to my advantage.
      Daphne : Why go through this elaborate scheme? Why not just ask us to find the book?
      Velma : I know why. Because if we knew what that book was, we would never have helped him.
      Ben : But even you can't imagine the real power of this book. No mere mortal can.
      Fred: You've been reading too many of your own horror stories, Ravencroft.
      Ben: A typical mortal response. But I am descended from a superior breed. I shall unlock the power of the imprisoned Sarah Ravencroft.
      Shaggy: Like, I don't like the sound of this.
      Scooby: Me neither.
      Ben : Together, we shall reign supreme!

    • Velma: Ben Ravencroft's last book is the one the world will never buy.
      Daphne: Thank goodness.
      Shaggy: Like, that would've been a hot best-seller.

    • Velma: You won't get away with this, Ben Ravencroft!
      Ben: Why? Because of you meddling kids?
      Fred: Hey! We're not kids!

    • Perkins: We would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't of this meddiling writer! (Glares at Ben)
      Shaggy: Like, that's a twist
      Fred: Yeah, but at least he didn't call us kids. I hate that.

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