See No Evil

Released 2006


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Gregory Dark
See No Evil follows the path of death and terror psychopath Jacob Goodnight (wrestler Kane) who is hiding in a burnt out Blackwell Hotel. He stalks a group of young delinquents who have been sent to the hotel to fix it up for use as a homeless shelter. Overseeing the delinquents is police officer Frank Williams (Steven Vidler), who has dealt with Goodnight before. Years earlier, he and his partner found a young woman in an abandoned house who had been held hostage, tortured, killed and her eyes ripped out. Frank's partner is killed by an unknown figure wielding an axe. He manages to fight the man off but loses his arm in the struggle. After fending off the madman, police find seven bodies in the house, all missing their eyes. When Frank finds blood in an elevator of the hotel, Tyson (Michael J. Pagan) warns of a giant of a man who took Richie (Craig Horner) hostage. Frank recognizes the description and knows the killer is back for revenge. The teens must defend themselves against horrific attacks in this 2006 horror film directed by Gregory Dark.moreless

Metacritic Score

  • 40

    Variety Joe Leydon

    Throats are ripped, heads are crushed and limbs are severed with brutal efficiency throughout See No Evil, but that's not nearly enough to dispel the sense of deja vu that pervades...

  • 30

    The New York Times

    See No Evil devolves into an increasingly bloody and creative string of butcherings and impalings.

  • 30

    Los Angeles Times

    A flavorless snack, time filler until "Saw III" and "Hostel 2" are served up.

  • The Ultimate Movie Review! -- @tss5078

    See No Evil is the film that started it all for WWE films, and with a sequel due out later this year, I figured I'd give it a shot. The WWE films have been surprisingly good, but I think See No Evil is what most people expected when they heard WWE was going into the film business. Kane stars as a mad man, held up in an old abandoned hotel. Chaos quickly ensues, when a group of teenage delinquents are assigned to fix up the hotel, as part of their community service. Kane is a perfect villain, as he is a huge scary guy, however, he plays a character that has all of two lines the whole film. Being that this was WWE's first venture into the film business, they weren't able to get anyone of name to support him, and there were some awful performances, by young actors in their debut roles. This film was a just a very basic, generic, slasher film, that we've all seen a million times. There is nothing of note and it was quite boring and unimaginative. I can only hope with the development of their films division, that WWE and Kane can come up with something better for the sequel.moreless

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