Seems Like Old Times

Released 1980


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Seems Like Old Times is a 1980 comedy starring Chevy Chase and Goldie Hawn. Chase plays Nick Gardenia, an out-of-work writer who experiences a record-breaking string of bad luck. While on a writing retreat in a secluded mountain cabin, Nick is assaulted by a pair of criminals. They reveal themselves to be bank robbers looking to use Nick in their latest scam. They hold Nick at gun point and threaten to shoot him if he doesn't rob a bank for them. Nick stumbles his way through the crime, and when he's finished, his captors take the money and leave Nick stranded and wanted for grand theft. Nick faces a lengthy sentence unless he can clear his name. He seeks the help of his ex-wife Glenda Parks (Hawn) who works as a public defender. Together, they work to clear Nick's name and expose the true bank robbers. Seems Like Old Times is a classic screwball comedy written by Neil Simon and directed by Jay Sandrich.moreless
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