Sesame Street: Elmo's Travel Songs and Games

Released 2011


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Movie: Sesame Street: Elmo's Travel Songs and Games


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Take a road trip with Elmo! Elmo and Abby are so excited to go to the zoo with Elmo's Dad, but it will take awhile to get there. What can they do to pass the time while they are in the car? This video is full of songs and games that will engage your child when you are traveling too! Featuring the new songs "Go Before You Go" and "Are We There Yet?", there are segments about buckling up and different types of transportation. Numbers and counting, letters and the alphabet, shapes and rhyming are the focus of many of the fun games Elmo and Abby play, and they give great ideas of other games you can play by looking out your window. And everyone will love to sing along with favorites such as "Let's Go Driving" and "The Bear Went Over The Mountain". Elmo's Travel Songs and Games is so much fun, you won't wait for a trip to watch it!moreless
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