Sesame Street: Silly Storytime

Released 2011


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Movie: Sesame Street: Silly Storytime


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Once upon a time Elmo and his friends had all of kinds of silly adventures on Sesame Street, and those stories were put together in one great video! After hearing the story of Rapunzel, Zoe wishes she had longer hair just like her, but when her Hairy Godperson grants her wish, it puts her in a hairy predicament! In another story, a wizard casts a spell on a grouchy princess that makes her sleep for 100 years. Can Prince Elmo break the magic and wake "Sleeping Grouchy"? And can Sesame Street friends help "Jack" grow a beanstalk? These Sesame Street versions of favorite stories Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty and Jack and The Beanstalk all have educational goals as diverse as literacy, problem-solving and learning about the environment. It's fairytale fun for everyone!moreless
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