Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Released 1954


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Movie: Seven Brides for Seven Brothers


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Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is a romantic musical film directed by Stanley Donen that centers on Adam Pontipee (Howard Keel) whose new bride Milly (Jane Powell) causes a bit of an uproar when his six unruly and ill-behaved brothers don’t quite know how to deal with having a female around in their mountain man lifestyles. When Milly teaches them how to court – and even dance! – the brothers Benjamin (Jeff Richards), Caleb (Matt Mattox), Daniel (Marc Platt), Ephraim (Jacques d’Amboise), Frank (Tommy Rall), and Gideon (Russ Tamblyn) take a liking to six girls at a barn raising. Of course, their mountain man ways are hard to let go as they decide to kidnap the girls and keep them up the mountain until Dorcas (Julie Newmar), Ruth (Ruta Lee), Martha (Norma Doggett), Liza (Virginia Gibson), Sarah (Betty Carr), and Alice (Nancy Kilgas) accept their marriage proposals. The only problem? They forgot to kidnap a preacher!moreless
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