Shark City

Released 2009


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Two friends living in the big city are looking for love in all the wrong places when one of them finds his dream girl - who happens to be the daughter of a mobster. Kenny, a slick stockbroker who can t fly straight, aspires the high life but can t afford what he s got, and Dagen, ladies man and mild mannered real estate agent, have to involve their stable married house bound buddies to get them out of a huge jam. Mob Boss Ventura Ritt is onto them after Dagen falls for his daughter Samantha, and Kenny along with the help of his crocked assistant, Jen scams Ritt out of a million dollars in a stock deal. Subsequently, involving a high stakes poker game, they come up with a plan to get out of the mess, get the girl, get the cash and get the mob s thugs off their backs.moreless
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Comedy, Drama


Love & Romance