Shaun of the Dead

Universal Pictures Released 2004




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Edgar Wright

Shaun has seen better days; his co-workers don't respect him, his roommate Pete resents him, and he can't get along with his step-father Philip. The one good thing in his life, his girlfriend Liz dumps him because all he ever wants to do is hang out at his favorite pub, the Winchester. Shaun vows to get his life in order the next day, only to wake up to find that zombies have started attacking his town. Together with his best friend, Ed, Shaun is determined to gather up his mother, step-father, and ex-girlfriend and get them all to safety. Ed and Shaun kick some zombie butt and succeed in getting most of their friends to the Winchester pub, which is where they feel the safest. Ed accidentally draws the zombies to the pub by playing a loud game and the group is surrounded. Will Shaun and Ed be able to keep their friends safe, or has their whole mission been a failure?



Metacritic Score

  • 80

    The New York Times Stephen Holden

    By treating the genre as a joke, this satire, whose title plays off George A. Romero's 1979 golden oldie, "Dawn of the Dead," yields ironic dramatic dividends.

  • 70

    Los Angeles Times

    It's a grisly but sweet ode to friendship, love and the George Romero zombie trilogy.

  • 70

    Variety Derek Elley

    A classic example of a clever idea that could easily have run out of steam halfway. However, co-scripters Pegg and Wright structure it as a classic three-acter (set-up, journey, fi...

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  • QUOTES (4)

    • Shaun: (regarding Ed still living in their shared house) I've known him since primary school. You know, I like having him around, he's a laugh.
      Pete: Why? Because he can impersonate an orangutan? F***-a-doodle-do.
      Shaun: Oh, leave him alone.
      Pete: All right, I admit he can be pretty funny on occasion. Like that time we stayed up all night drinking apple schnapps and playing Tekken 2.
      Shaun: When was that? [laughing]
      Pete: That was five years ago. When's he going home?

    • Ed: (Shaun has just been dumped) Oi, look at me. I'm not gonna say, you know, there's plenty more fish in the sea. I'm not gonna say if you love her let her go and I'm not gonna bombard you with cliches but what I will say is this... it's not the end of the world.

    • David: I still don't actually understand why we are going to the Winchester.
      Shaun: Because it's a pub, it's safe, it's secure.
      Ed: They know us there.
      Liz: What makes it so secure?
      Shaun: Because it's got big heavy doors and deadbolts. You've been to a lock-in.
      Ed: And there's a rifle above the bar.
      David: I would think that's deactivated.
      Ed: It's not, I'm telling you. John's connected, Big Al says so.
      Shaun: Big Al also says that dogs can't look up.
      Ed: They can't.
      Dianne: Ooh, can't they?
      Shaun: Of course they can.
      Ed: No they can't.
      Diane: Are you sure.
      Shaun: Yes!

    • Shaun: (Shaun's mum has just died from a zombie bite and David want's to finish her off to stop her turning) For Christ's sake, she's not dead!
      David: She's finished. For a hero, you're quite the hypocrite.
      Shaun: You're the one who's gone from being a chartered accountant to Charlton Heston.
      David: I'm not a chartered accountant.
      Shaun: Well, you look like one.
      Ed: Yeah!
      David: I'm a lecturer.
      Shaun: You're a t***.
      Ed: Yeah!

  • NOTES (5)

    • Production Budget - $4,000,000
      Domestic Gross - $13,542,874 (129th)
      Worldwide Gross - $30,039,392 (118th)

      Domestic Adjusted for 2013 - $17,795,467
      Worldwide Adjusted fro 2013 - $39,472,051

    • Other production companies:
      Studio Canal
      Working Title Films
      WT2 Productions
      Big Talk Productions
      Inside Track 2
      Focus Feartures
      (US distributor)
      Odeon Films (Canadian distributor)

    • Filming locations include:
      East Finchley, London, England
      Crouch End, London, England
      Park Royal, London, England
      Archway, London, England
      Hillcrest, Highgate, London, England
      Deptford, London, England
      Ealing Studios, Ealing, London, England
      North Finchley, London, England
      Hampstead, London, England
      Hornsey, London, England
      New Barnet, London, England
      Muswell Hill, London, England
      New Cross, London, England

    • Taglines:
      1. It's just one of those days when you're feeling a little...dead.
      2. Buy Milk. Ring Mum. Dodge Zombies
      3. Shuffling into theaters September 24th.
      4. A romantic comedy. With zombies.
      5. Ever felt like you were surrounded by zombies?
      6. In a time of crisis a hero must rise...from his sofa.
      7. Bought coffee. Called Mom. Dodged zombies.
      8. This September, aim for the head.

    • Music:
      Ghost Town
      Performed by The Specials
      The Blue Wrath
      Performed by I Monster
      Kernkraft 400
      Performed by Zombie Nation
      If You Leave Me Now
      Performed by Chicago
      White Lines
      Performed by Simon Pegg and Nick Frost
      Hip Hop Be Bop (Don't Stop)
      Performed by Man Parrish
      Performed by The Smiths
      Performed by Goblin
      Performed by Ash
      Mister Mental
      Performed by Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster
      Don't Stop Me Now
      Performed by Queen
      You're My Best Friend
      Performed by Queen
      Everybody's Happy Nowadays
      Performed by Ash
      The Gonk (Kid Koala Remix)
      Performed by The Noveltones
      Performed by Ash


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