Shock Labyrinth

Released 2012


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Takashi Shimizu
Having moved away from his hometown when he was younger, Ken, a reserved man, has returned and is greeted by his childhood friend Motoki. As pleasantries are being exchanged, Ken learns that congratulations are in order as Motoki is now engaged to Rin, a blind girl who is another one of his close childhood friends. No sooner are these three united that we realize that this childhood threesome of friends was, in reality, a foursome and Yuki, the fourth friend, has also returned that same day. Unlike Ken, however, Yuki has not returned from a bustling metropolis. Yuki, as it turns out, has been missing for over a decade. She was last seen in an amusement park‘s House of Horrors and now her sudden reappearance in Rin‘s living-room as a frail, distraught woman has set in motion a string of terrifying events. The group brings Yuki back home where a menacing-looking toy rabbit triggers a panic attack in Yuki and she falls down a flight of stairs. Joined by Miyu, Yuki‘s younger sister, the five quickly rush Yuki to a hospital. Once in the hospital, something seems amiss. No one is there to help them and not a patient is in sight. In the midst of the confusion, Yuki, who seems to have regained consciousness sprints down a hall and disappears from sight. What happens next is a long night in which Ken, Rin, Motoki and Miyu must navigate the labyrinth-like corridors of the hospital; and, in doing so, are forced to confront their past, unearth long suppressed memories, and test the resilience of their sanity.moreless

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