Shredderman Rules!

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Savage Steve Holland
Based on a best-selling book by Wendelin Van Draanean. Nolan Byrd is constantly picked on by others, especially Bubba Bixby. In Shredderman Rules, Nolan finally has a chance to get back at Bubba using his electronic expertise during a school computer project, exposing Bubba for what he is.


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  • A great Nickelodeon Original Movie!

    Shredderman Rules! is the best Nick movie to me because it is humorous and Devon Werkheiser and Andrew Caldwell are great ctors in their roles against the protagonist and the antagonists. It brains versus body in this back and forth prankfest. Nolan is tired of Bubba's bullying ways but he isn't alone with other students in the school. The should make a sequel and series of the movie. I wish they showed the movie now. They haven't should it since it came out. They expect you to buy the DVD. I hope in Shredderman Rules 2 that Bubba turns nice or something.moreless
  • its kinda cool but weird

    ok. first things first. i was kinda disappointed when i saw the movie. i mean i thought it would be totally cool and all, funny too. Guess not. However, i still think it is an awesome show. i love how Devon acted in this movie. very professional. at the ending, where he said that he wouldnt tell anyone his secret..yet, i was thinking 'Make a series out of it!'

    i would be so happy. i would be able to see Devon again. Kinda disappointed it wasnt Moze/Lindsay from Ned's Declassified as the one who Devon asked out.

    The climax was really cool. Overall: Awesome movie but dont keep your hopes high.moreless
  • It's pretty good.

    Again, Devon's character gets bullied. Why does Devon's characters always get bullied?

    Well, that doesn't matter, because Devon did a great job acting. He could really act...well, nerdish, which is total opposite from Ned. That boosts up my rating alot.

    So, for a Nick movie, it had oretty good effects. I wanna know what the budget is for this movie, it would at least be 2 million.

    Those are the two main reasons I liked this movie. What I didn't really like about it, though...

    Is that all of the Shredderman books were crammed into one 90 minute movie. ( Thats how long the movie is without commercials) Thats why it didn't get a 9.9, it got a 9.5.

    9.5 out of 10.moreless
  • Devon's next movie, in getting his bully ways again.

    Similar to Ned's on Nickelodeon but this time it's Shredderman Rules! Maybe to promote the final episode of Ned's on Nickelodeon. Anyway, Shredderman Rules is a thriller, bullying is a really a focus and that's focusing is all about. It's great to see Thor from Hannah Montana (the guy who always annoys Jackson in the first few episodes of Hannah Montana's second season. I hope this movie will keep it up. Well that's it for now. Chow for now. This is my review for the movie starring Devon Werkheiser (sorry for last name mispelled) Shredderman RULES! Peace in and peace out!moreless

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