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  • Fantastic movie with a delightful plot.

    *SPOILER* In the beginning of this 110-minute long movie, you take a breathtaking adventure inside the performers' houses. Johnny (may be spelled Jonny) sings a song until the cops approach and catch him.

    Everybody tries their best and sings their way to fame. There is a singing competition going on in this movie- the grand prize is $100,000. The animals practice singing but some get out. During the next rehearsal, everyone still in the competition got a list and chose a song. Young foxes turned on the radio, but a while after that, someone turns it off (during rehearsal). When the Moon Theater breaks down, everyone is unhappy. They get over it because a new theater is built. In the end, everyone is happy again.

    Theme: Don't be feared when you do what you love. Another lesson: Get over things.

    Note: There are only animals in this movie. Also that's kind of like Zootopia.

    Bottom line: Delightful, funny, intriguing. Recommended.

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