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  • You've got to catch it! Best DCOM!

    Okay I missed the first part, so I'm only writing on the parts I've watched. It starts with this two brothers, finding a UFO, yes, unidentified flying object, which can communicate with them. It allows them to travel on it. Like every good story, there is always a villain, which is this case is an alien, which is super gross and slimy.

    So one of the brothers was 'hit' by the UFO and now he has slightly special powers like he can slow down speed, much more athletic and he can read minds, so with incomprehensible powers. Originally he was a typical straight As teenager, so this discover turned his school life upside down, sort of. Also they mentioned about the problems the Earth is facing, like pollution, global warming, floods which is in fact not caused naturally, but by the aliens! (Seriously, it's so typical of humans to blame on others but ourselves!)

    Anyway, back to the story. So the alien captured the mind-reading brother as he has special powers, and humans like him are known as 'skyrunners'. Apparently the aliens have this cave near the Earth's crater where they suck up the Earth's resources, hence causing all the disasters and hope to dominate Earth someday. In the process of saving his brother, both of them helped to save our planet.

    However that's not the end. The ending showed a happily ever after, with the brothers hanging out and flying their UFO, but out from the bushes came the aliens (they can disguise in human form) saying they will be back to destroy them.

    Cool or what?

    For me, it's just exciting as you'll never expect Disney to have this kind of sci-fi movie and I have never been interested in the conspiracy theory and yet I still liked the movie. My brother and I enjoyed the show throughly, screaming at slimy bits.

    If you're free, check it out. It's cooler that it sounds.

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