Something to Talk About

Released 1995


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Something to Talk About is a romantic drama film directed by Lasse Hallstrom that centers on Grace King Bichon (Julia Roberts), a harried mother, wife, and stable-manager, as she copes with discovering her husband Eddie's (Dennis Quaid) many affairs and her own personal upheaval of just what she wanted with her life. Having driven herself ragged dealing with her Southern debutante dues, managing her father's riding stable, and handling her own ten-year-old daughter Caroline's (Haley Aull) busy schedule, her life came to a crashing halt when she caught Eddie red-handed. When she and Caroline move in with her sarcastic and outspoken sister Emma Rae (Kyra Sedgwick), Grace learns that most people around her, including her somewhat oblivious mother Georgia (Gena Rowland) and headstrong father Wyly (Robert Duvall), want her to just forgive and forget. Born into a world where affairs were common but ignored, Grace decides to take a stand on what she wants for herself rather than let herself be bullied by her father and the norms of her Southern society. Unfortunately, it sends everyone around her into a tailspin as she breaks down.moreless
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Comedy, Drama


Love & Romance, Romantic Comedy