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Nickelodeon's answer to Disney's High School Musical is this TV movie that spotlights the budding relationship between a preppy student and a too-cool-for-school rocker.


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  • Another television movie on Nick falls way short of expectations. Nick needs to stop making a big deal out of crappy televised events.

    One word: Unoriginal. I mean really, the buzz is around everywhere that this movie was going to be like Nick's version of their own High School Musical, so you see that Nick likes to follow in Disney's footsteps. And this televised movie shows proof. So yet another High School Musical only with a different name on a different channel with different twists and settings and characters. Now for the recap: Okay, I actually could not pay attention to much of it at all, so this movie kinda bored me as well. I noticed that at the beginning, the main character gets dumped by his girlfriend, so now he is sunk and has no band. He is tired of the band life and decides what he could possibly do next. He meets this girl who thinks he could save her and her band,she thinks he is vital and key for playing a certain instrument of theirs. The name of their band? Of course it is Spectacular. At the middle I kind of lost track but at the end I saw that their band is a huge success (I think?) Spectacular beats their band rivals and Spectacular like their name implies is truly spectacular and they come out on top. So this television movie welcomes you to more teenagers singing music and all these pop culture references. Also more music, a certain band with music becomes a hit and the audience cheers. There was differences between this and High School Musical but I couldn't keep on track with this movie very well either. I didn't think this movie was that great, it was kind of boring. But last night was only my first time so if I see this movie again entirely and pay attention to everything that goes on in it then I might edit this review, just maybe. Well that's all and score! This is my very first review for this too! Just like Sonny with a Chance. I am the reviewing speed master! Spectacular? Nick's televised movie... was it a success? I am not sure, doubts and unknown descriptions.moreless

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