St. Elmo's Fire

Columbia Pictures Corporation / Delphi IV Productions Released 1985




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Joel Schumacher

St. Elmo's Fire is about a group of recent Georgetown University graduates who are coping with the harsh realities of being thrust into the real world- Kirbo, Billy, Kevin, Leslie, and Wendy. Kirbo dreams of leaving his job as a waiter at St. Elmo's bar and restaurant to become a lawyer, Billy is struggling to keep a job and be a a good husband, but his frat boy ways lead to infidelity, and Kevin is a writer who is searching for the meaning of life, harboring a secret crush on Leslie even though his friends speculate that he might be gay. Party girl Jules leads an extravagant life and has a cocaine habit and is struggling to balance her own finances with supporting her family, Alec is an ambitious Democrat pursuing a political career and living with Leslie, who he wants to marry, but her rejection leads him into the arms of another woman. Leslie, meanwhile, wants to succeed as an architect before she settles down and is having doubts about her relationship, and Wendy, a girl from a wealthy family who is still a virgin, wants to branch out from her family and is in love with Billy, the kind of guy her family would never approve of. The group struggles to sort out their romantic entanglements and future careers as they forge ahead through drug addiction, searching for the meaning of life, and dysfunctional families.



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    • Production budget - $10,000,000
      Domestic gross - $37,803,872 (23rd)

      Domestic adjusted for 2013 - $86,895,661

    • Music:
      Love Theme From St. Elmo's Fire
      Written by David Foster
      Performed by David Foster
      St. Elmo's Fire (Man In Motion)
      Written by David Foster and John Parr
      Performed by John Parr
      Shake Down
      Written by Billy Squier
      Performed by Billy Squier
      This Time It Was Really Right
      Written by David Foster and Jon Anderson
      Performed by Jon Anderson
      Saved My Life
      Written by David Foster, Fee Waybill and Steve Lukathe
      Performed by Fee Waybill
      One Love
      Written by David Foster and Bob Rock
      Stressed Out (Close To The Edge)
      Written by David Foster, Jay Graydon, Steve Kipner and Peter Beckett
      Performed by Airplay
      Young And Innocent
      Written by John Elefante and Dino Elefante
      Performed by Elefante
      If I Turn You Away
      Written by David Foster and Richard Marx
      Performed by Vikki Moss
      Into The Fire
      Written by Todd Smallwood
      Performed by Todd Smallwood
      Give Her A Little Drop More
      Written by John Chilton
      Performed by Todd Smallwood
      Written by Otis Redding
      Performed by Aretha Franklin
      (Meet) The Flintstones
      Written by William Hanna, Joseph Barbera and Hoyt Curtin

    • Filming locations:
      L'Orangerie, Los Angeles, California
      Adams-Morgan, Washington, District of Columbia
      Georgetown, Washington, District of Columbia
      The Tombs, Washington, District of Columbia
      University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland

    • Taglines:
      1. The passion burns deep.
      2. The heat this summer is at Saint Elmo's Fire.
      3. They thought they'd be friends forever, but forever couldn't last.
      4. You can always count on your friends. Don't ever let the fire go out.


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