Star Maps

20th Century Fox Released 1997


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Miguel Arteta

Star Maps is a 1997 comedy-drama from Flan de Coco Films, about the price of Hollywood dreams. Carlos Amado (Douglas Spain) is an eighteen-year-old boy with big dreams of becoming an actor, so big, in fact, that he goes all the way to Hollywood to pursue them. But while many cling to their families for support during the harsh journey to fame, Carlosâ��s father, Pepe Amado (Efrain Figueroa) is anything but supportive. Pepe does not believe that his son can make it in the acting business and wants, instead, that Carlos works for his â��business,â�� as a male prostitute. With few other choices to make ends meet, Carlos joins the family business, but he keeps his dreams in mind. So when one of his clients, a wealthy soap opera star, offers him a bit part on her show, he jumps at the opportunity. With the added disadvantages of no familial backing, and an enraged father who wants him to stop seeing the soap opera star and forget his dreams of becoming an actor, will Carlos be able to make it in Hollywoodâ��s cut-throat show business? Star Maps is rated R for strong sexuality, language, and violence.



Metacritic Score

  • 88

    Boston Globe Jay Carr

    Miguel Arteta's Star Maps is an uneven first feature, but what's good in it is very good. It's got invigorating rawness to spare, making its low budget work in its favor. [22 Aug 1...

  • 75

    Philadelphia Inquirer Steven Rea

    A promising filmmaking debut, Star Maps defines a landscape where everyone has a dream - and where a lot of people will do a lot of things to achieve that dream, however misguided ...

  • 60

    Slate David Edelstein

    Star Maps reveals its larger (and less interesting) social intentions with a downbeat, slap-in-the-face finale, but along the way it has some good domestic grotesquerie and a layer...

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