Star Trek

Released 2009





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  • Spock was always much older than Kirk...

    in this film they were about the same age. Kind of a boo boo in terms of Trekkie lore which isn't exactly a big secret to anyone over the age of 25. Following the Hollywood maxim of bigger is better we have bigger bad guys in a huge Romulan mining vessel from the future that never appeared in any form in the original Star Trek show-suspension of disbelief time maybe-I see it more as a blatant attempt to cash in on the Trek franchise. There was an even bigger alien ship in the 1979 first Star Trek movie which had the added benefit of being part of a plot that actually made some sense. ST 2009 was not pure awfulness but it was not up to par despite lavish special effects-which kind of worked agains the movies overall effectiveness to me. Mediocre with all the trimmings is still Mediocre.

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