Star Trek Into Darkness

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J.J. Abrams

Captain Kirk leads a manhunt into Klingon Territory to find and detain a one-man weapon of mass destruction who may hold answers to the reason for terrorist acts in the city.

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  • 80


    In some sense, the title is misleading. Into Darkness is a blast, fun, funny, spectacular and exhilarating. The rule of great even-numbered Trek movies continues.

  • 80

    The Guardian Andrew Pulver

    People are unlikely to charge out of the cinema with quite the same level of glee as they did in 2009; but this is certainly an astute, exhilarating concoction.

  • 80

    Total Film Matthew Leyland

    Mostly, this is fantastic fun: a two-hours-plus blockbuster that doesn't bog down in exposition or sag in the middle. There are reversals and rug-pulls galore, most of them execute...

  • Wolfman Reviews

    In 2009, . Abrams made one of the biggest and riskiest moves a film director could make. He put out a reboot of a famous series with a large and loyal fan following when he made Star Trek. Surprisingly, it was an absolutely great film that earned it's money and put every actor's career who was in it on track. In a different way, a sequel was going to be more difficult to pull off. You would have to put in a new villain, put in a new plot and work with the same cast again. Well after seeing Star Trek Into Darkness, I see it as a very fine piece that could live on forever.

    With similar feel of the the terrorist acts which are happening in our world today, there is a bombing of a secret Section 31 installation in London. This was masterminded by former Starfleet agent John Harrison (Benedict Cumberbatch) who is on run with the Enterprise and it's crew in pursuit so to capture him.

    The plot seems simple but once put into the bigger picture, it is much deeper. The character, John Harrison is no doubt the main highlight of this film. His performance more than matches the villain, Nero from the 2009 movie including a great Klingon fight and he fits neatly into the Star Trek world.

    The third act is the most interesting part of this film. This is where everything comes together and also shows the San Fransisco of the future but it this is also where the main problem comes in. It drags and involves the death of Captain Kirk but with a plot twist on that and it seems that Abrams just didn't want to end this.

    The movie does have the same main cast as the previous movie. Characters are more developed with performances that fit into each character. Zoe Saldana plays Uhura and is in the first act and only in some of the second. Anton Yelchin as Checkoff is in and out of scenes. The surprise of the film is Simon Pegg as Scotty who has a larger role than the previous movie and closes the film well. The cast plays out differently than the previous movie and I think they fit into the plot well.

    As he does with the previous movie, Abrams nails the little points of this film. There is a new setting and the special effects are better than the last one. The costumes of each character are also pretty fun to look at and will help make the movie memorable.

    I don't know what is next for this series. For now, I like where this series is. I do have a lot of confidence in Abrams and would not mind maybe five more of these and I bet he could do it as he has proved himself with this film and the last one.

  • KInd of got bogged down in special effects...

    The story was so so-yet another attempt to make a buck off a misrepresentation of an older Star Trek concept that had been more effectively done in a movie made many years ago. They would have been better off if they had tried to come up with a stand alone idea that was not a nod to a previous Star Trek concept at some level. The special effects were overly lush rendering the world before TNG etc not believable as true Trekkie fair. Disappointing, but we have come to expect that from . Abrams who hasn't made a decent film for a very long time.moreless
  • Another worthy film

    I loved the 1st film of the reboot and I have to say I liked this one as well. I totally loved the 'role reversal' b/w Spock and Kirk. I'm sure there are TOS purists that don't like this movie because everything has been changed, but frankly, the reboot was needed and it's nice to see some upgrades like the tech and the ships for more realism.

    As for the villain, it was a nice take on a familiar foe and the guy was awesome! And that warship, the Vengeance was like they plucked the Enterprise E from the future. I just hope they bring that ship back if they do a film regarding a possible war with the Klingons that this movie seems to be alluding to.moreless
  • Awesome :)

    I saw it last night, and I thought it was great. The acting, picture and special effects were really good. I would recommend seeing it. :D
  • Give me the same, but different

    "Spoiler Free"

    In Hollywood, There is a saying. "Give me the same, but different".

    Star Trek 2009 gave us that.

    And Star Trek Into Darkness goes even further with this line of thought.

    I'm not a purist. I've been raised watching Star Trek the Original Series, having then seen the movies and the other TV shows which have spawned the franchise.

    I've also read the many Star Trek books, comics, etc. I've never worn a Trek uniform or attended Star Trek conventions, but I am a definitive Star Trek fan.

    But, as I mentioned, I'm not a purist.

    I understand the differences between making movies and TV Shows.

    I also understand that a reboot isn't meant to be the same as the original.

    I also understand that the original TV Show is a product of the mid-60s.

    So, when they brought it back in 2009, I did NOT expect it would be the same.

    So, when I saw the 2009 movie, I was pleasantly surprised at seeing how true to form the characters were.

    Each actor embodied the true nature and spirit of the original character each represented.

    Pine's Kirk was brash, quick and arrogant, but, that's youth. I still remember the bar scene fight. Pure Shatner's Kirk swagger.

    Quinto's Spock was true to form, but considering that Leonard Nimoy himself approved him, one can't get any higher praises than that.

    Urban's McCoy had some serious DeForest Kelley channeling.

    Bottom line, everybody was solidly cast.

    This was a worthy reboot.

    And if there is something I've learned from reboots from both James Bond and Batman characters, its that you can be very pleasantly surprised at the direction a franchise can take with a new fresh start with totally unexpected actors.

    So, with that in mind, for both Star Trek and Star Trek into Darkness movies, I prepared myself by reading the official comic book prequels, because I find that the more background knowledge one has, the more enjoyable the movie experience will be.

    And today, before seeing Star Trek into Darkness, I actually watch Star Trek on DVD at home.

    And when I went to the theater, I choose an AMC Dine-In Theater with the personal recliner seats. This was a Digital 3D room.. And let me tell you, nothing beats being comfy in a nice pair of sweatpants and comfy runners watching a movie on a nice comfy reclining chair. (yes comfy is the word of the day!)

    And so I watch the movie.

    And I loved it.

    For what it's worth, Let me say that it was written in the vain of "Give me the same, but different" that's for sure.

    But this was truly entertaining and riveting.

    No boring moments.

    The plot made sense.

    The villain is intelligently well written and extremely well played.

    The writing was well done.

    The humor/drama was well balanced.

    The action scenes plentiful.

    Towards the end, there is a little plot hole, but, it's forgivable.

    Over all, there is character growth in this movie.

    Some people keep comparing the Old Trek with the new one and to me that's like comparing a Ham to a Hamster.

    If you are a real Star Trek fan, you should be looking forwards to the franchise being adapted for the times.

    A TV Show has time for all the cerebral, philosophical mind exercises, but a movie, not so much, at least, if you wish to make it a successful money making movie.

    Why do you think Star Trek: First Contact was so fun to watch? It's Next Gen after all and that was quite cerebral. So many conference room meetings, that sometimes I was surprised at how anybody could think that a future on a star-ship could be so bureaucratic. But unlike the ST:TNG Show, the movie was much more action oriented and it was indeed the second most loved Star Trek movie, following Wrath of Khan.

    Anyways, Star Trek Into Darkness stands on its own. Elements from the TV Show and older Star Trek movies are present, in some shape and form, but in a different context. Of the key elements in the movie you will find that 1) Kirk's experiences are grooming him towards becoming a more mature Captain of the Enterprise, 2) the bond of friendship and trust between Kirk and Spock are growing through the experiences they are sharing and 3) and the interplay between Kirk, Spock and McCoy should provided some much needed nostalgia for the old Trek fans.

    Again, it's all about "Give me the same, but different".

    That's Hollywood. And for the movie Star Trek into Darkness, it works, I think it's a worthy sequel to Star Trek 2009 and bodes well for the future.moreless


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    • Production budget - $190,000,000
      Domestic gross - $227,377,844 (7th)
      Worldwide gross - $458,677,844 (9th)

    • Music:
      Theme from Star Trek
      Written by Alexander Courage and Gene Roddenberry
      Body Movin' (Fat Boy Slim Remix)
      Written by Mario Caldato Jr., Mike D, Adam Horovitz, Tito Puente and Adam Yauch
      Performed by Beastie Boys
      Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven
      Written by Don Nix
      Performed by Albert King
      The Growl
      Written by J.J. Abrams, Charles Scott, Anne Preven and Kassia Conway
      Performed by Conway
      The Dark Collide
      Written by Robert Conley and Penelope Austin
      Performed by Penelope Austin

    • Taglines:
      1. Earth will fall
      2. They have one chance to save us all.
      3. Beyond the darkness, lies greatness.
      4. In our darkest hour, when our leaders have fallen, a hero will rise.


    • Filming locations include:
      Garden Grove, California
      Livermore, California
      Los Angeles, California

    • Other production companies:
      Bad Robot
      Kurtzman / Orci
      Skydance Productions


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