Star Trek IX: Insurrection

Paramount Released 1998



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Jonathan Frakes

Star Trek IX: Insurrection features the Next Generation crew on a mission to a mysterious world where metaphasic radiation has halted the aging process of the citizens. As the Enterprise gang works to unravel a conspiracy that would harness the planet's power, they discover the fringe benefits of turning back time.

Metacritic Score

  • 80

    The New York Times Stephen Holden

    Insurrection is breezily paced, and Michael Piller's screenplay has enough good-natured humor to keep things from bogging down into sentimental pomposity.

  • 70

    Los Angeles Times Kenneth Turan

    Star Trek: Insurrection lacks the adrenalized oomph of its predecessor, but no adventure of the Starship Enterprise is without its gee-whiz affability.

  • 60

    Variety Joe Leydon

    Even though Frakes is back, Star Trek: Insurrection plays less like a stand-alone sci-fi adventure than like an expanded episode of "Star Trek: The Next Generation."

    Patrick Stewart

    Patrick Stewart

    Captain Jean-Luc Picard

    Jonathan Frakes

    Jonathan Frakes

    Commander William T. Riker

    Brent Spiner

    Brent Spiner

    Lieutenant Commander Data

    LeVar Burton

    LeVar Burton

    Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge

    Michael Dorn

    Michael Dorn

    Lieutenant Commander Worf

    Marina Sirtis

    Marina Sirtis

    Counselor Deanna Troi

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      • Riker: You haven't done that in a long time.
        Deanna: What?
        Riker: The thing you're doing to my neck.
        Deanna: Was I doing something to your neck?

    • NOTES (4)

      • Production Budget - $58,000,000
        Domestic Gross - $70,187,658 (28th)
        Worldwide Gross - $112,587,658 (35th)

        Domestic Adjusted for 2013 - $122,117,546
        Worldwide Adjusted for 2013 - $195,888,121

      • Filming locations:
        Bishop, California
        Convict Lake, Mammoth Lakes Park, California
        Lake Sherwood, California
        San Gabriel Dam, San Gabriel Canyon, Angeles National Forest, California

      • Taglines:
        1. Get Warped.
        2. Defend Forever.
        3. Join the rebellion.
        4. Meet the new face of evil.
        5. Eternity Is Closer Than You Think.
        6. Six Hundred Lives... One Directive.
        7. The Battle For Paradise Has Begun.
        8. Eternity Awaits Beyond The Final Frontier.
        9. On December 11th, Stand to fight. Hold your ground. Join the rebellion.
        10. The future of the galaxy, and the survival of a race, depend on an act of rebellion.

      • Music:
        Theme from 'Star Trek: The Motion Picture'
        By Jerry Goldsmith
        Theme from 'Star Trek' TV series
        By Alexander Courage
        String Quartet in D Major. Opus 64. No. 5. 'The Lark'
        Fourth Movement: Finale - Vivace
        By Joseph Haydn
        Performed by Caspar da Salo Quartet
        String Quartet in B-Flat. Opus 10. No. 3. 'The Hunt'
        Fourth Movement: Allegro Vivo Assei
        By Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
        A British Tar
        from "H.M.S. Pinafore"
        By William S. Gilbert & Arthur Sullivan
        Sonata No. 8 in C Minor. Opus 13. 'Pathétique'
        First Movement - Grave
        By Ludwig van Beethoven
        Performed by Jenõ Jandó, Piano
        Make Over Mambo
        By Alan Silvestri
        Vallon Sonore
        from "Les Troyens"
        Violin Concerto in G Minor, RV 317 - 3. Allegro
        Written by Antonio Vivaldi
        Performed by Antonio Vivaldi

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