Star Wars (Special Edition)

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Star Wars (Special Edition)

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Star Wars (Special Edition) is the definitive version of the 1977 classic science fiction blockbuster, written and directed by George Lucas, and featuring all new special effects that complete Lucas' vision as he originally saw it. Taking place in a galactic empire lorded over by an oppressive senate which is being challenged by a popular resistance movement. The government forces have captured Princess Leia, a rebel leader, and a motley group is attempting to rescue her. These include a farm boy named Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, a survivor of the Jedi (a once-powerful brotherhood of warriors sworn to uphold good against evil), Han Solo, a cynical and mercenary space pilot, Chewbacca, an abominable snowman-type monster and two robots. One of these talks in an old-fashioned upper-class British accent, the other only in a series of squeaks and whistles. The government is also attempting to destroy the planet that serves as their base using a 'death star' that can destroy whole planets.moreless
  • Meant to be SF but really fluff for the kiddies.

    The main character-Luke Skywalker seems to have been a pull from contemporary British SF writer Edmund Coopers's novel The Cloudwalker that preceded the film Star Wars. George Lucas even admitted that he amalgamated many themes and ideas from contemporary SF novels in order to make the film 'likeable,' I did like it-me and millions of others-but I didn't like the character of the Wookie and I found the effete human like robot annoying. Basically it is kiddie fair in terms of its long term value as SF, but I think it could have been more. When they started introducing more aliens designed to appeal to the kiddies in the sequels like Ewoks and Jabba the Hut the Star Wars films took on the feel of a kiddie show completely and stopped being viable as valid SF.moreless

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