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Stargate: Children of the Gods

MGM Released 2009


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Stargate: Children of the Gods is a military science fiction film developed from the first two episodes of Syfy channelâ��s Stargate SG-1 that acts as a bridge between the Stargate film and the TV series. It has been over a year since Colonel Jack Oâ��Neill (now played by Richard Dean Anderson) led a specialized team through the stargate, an intergalactic travel device, to a planet called Abydos. The team had barely managed to survive their fight against a God-like being called System Lord Ra. Now, when another System Lord, not unlike Ra, travels through the stargate to Earth with a liege of warriors, the Jaffa, several people are killed and hostages are taken. Oâ��Neill is forced to come back by Stargate Commander, Major General Hammond (Don S. Davis) to reveal what truly happened on Abydos, including the inactivation of a nuclear bomb and the fact that Dr. Daniel Jackson (Michael Shanks) remained behind. A new team is assembled, including Oâ��Neill and Samantha Carter (Amanda Tapping), an Air Force captain and astrophysicist, in order to find out just where the System Lords come from. When the Earth invaders attack through the Abydos stargate, it becomes quite clear that thereâ��s a universe much larger than they expected with dangerous beings and adventures, including the Goaâ��uld, parasitic aliens who collect life-forms by taking any body as a host, willing or not. Stargate: Children of the Gods focuses on the birth of the SG-1 team, including the discovery of the code that transports the teams across the galaxy and the beginning of the battle against the Goaâ��uld.

  • Really necessary?

    It's not a bad re-cut per se, I just think it wasn't really necessary.

    The new opening scene is pretty good and they had the chance to retcon some things they only established at a later point of the series. For example: there's a new little scene where Apophis waits for his Jaffa to redial the gate instead of just stepping back through the open event horizon, which, as we know from later episodes, is not possible because the gate only goes one way.

    Some of the new special effects are also quite good. But they also changed some things that, in my opinion, didn't really need changing. Like the first meeting of Sam and Jack and also some of the dialogue of the first meeting of Sam and Daniel. Yes, she said some pretty dorky things to Jack, but that also was part of the charm. And I still don't know what they thought was wrong with the dialogue between Sam and Daniel, as well as Sam's "MacGyvering" remark.

    Another positive change was the removal of the full-frontal nudity of Sha're - the one thing I never liked about the original pilot because it's just so out of place - didn't fit the format, didn't fit the series, came out of nowhere and nothing like it ever happened again.

    I liked it, but I still like the original better.moreless

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