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Roland Emmerich

Egyptologist Dr. Daniel Jackson has a radical theory that is being met with great animosity from the scientific community: that the Pharaohs did not build the great pyramids. At his wits end, Jackson has no choice but accept a mysterious offer from a kindly older woman named Catherine Langford to come to a top secret military installation and offer his advice on a strange object which was unearthed in Egypt. He is called to examine a gigantic circular ring made from a substance unknown on Earth. Also called in for his opinion is a stoic but haunted military colonel named Jack O'Neil who has shady reasons for hovering in the background. Everyone's wildest fantasies are confirmed when the object proves to be a gateway to another world, a gateway Jackson and O'Neil are drafted to enter to discover what wonders lie on the other side.


Metacritic Score

  • 70

    The Hollywood Reporter

    Stargate is a blast from the past in many ways, but it imaginatively employs the latest special effects technology to give audiences new thrills. [24 Oct 1994]

  • 63

    Philadelphia Inquirer Steven Rea

    The movie devolves into a kind of high-tech Flash Gordon, with Ra as a cross- dressed Ming and Russell and Spader as the heroes required to chase big lugs with ray-guns around the ...

  • 50

    Entertainment Weekly Owen Gleiberman

    The film has flashes of psychedelic visual energy, but its story is limp.

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    • Daniel: W-What is this all about?
      Catherine: A job.
      Daniel: What kind of job?
      Catherine: Translation. Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. Interested?
      Daniel: I-I'm gonna go now.
      Catherine: Go where? You've just been evicted from your apartment. Your grants have ran out. Everything you own are in those two bags. You want to prove your theories are right? This is your chance.

    • West: This project is for naught without a reconnaissance mission.
      Johnson: Once on the other side, we'd have to decipher the markings on their 'gate, and in essence dial home in order to bring the team back.
      West: Based on this new information, I don't see how we can do that.
      Daniel: Well, I can do that.

    • Ra: will prove that I am their one god by killing your companions.
      Daniel: If I refuse?
      Ra: Then I will destroy you all who have seen you. There can be only one Ra!

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