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John Carpenter

Starman is a science-fiction/fantasy film directed by John Carpenter that tells the tale of an alien (Jeff Bridges) responding to an invitation on a gold phonograph record installed on one of Earth's Voyager space probes. Though the invitation spoke of peace, the United States government shoots down the alien craft with the intention to capture and study the inhabitants. The alien, calling himself Starman as he is a star charter, stumbles upon a grieving widow Jenny Hayden (Karen Allen) and patterns himself on her deceased husband, who she had not quite expected to see when she woke up. The Starman is given three days to meet the mothership or he would die, most likely from the not-so-friendly treatment he would receive in the potential capture by the U.S. government, led by NSA Chief Fox (Richard Jaeckel). In the two thousand miles from Wisconsin to Meteor Crate, Arizona, Jenny Hayden manages to develop a strange and wonderful relationship with the curious alien clone of her husband just as Starman begins to understand humanity and ultimately what it means to be human. Starman is the only John Carpenter film to have an Academy Award nomination (Best Actor) for Jeff Bridges. The film also inspired a short-lived TV series, starring Robert Hays and Christopher Daniel Barnes.



Metacritic Score

  • 90

    The New York Times Janet Maslin

    Starman' provides him with a role that, played by anyone else, might seem preposterous. In Mr. Bridges' hands it becomes the occasion for a sweetly affecting characterization - a f...

  • 75

    Chicago Sun-Times Roger Ebert

    Starman contains the potential to be a very silly movie, but the two actors have so much sympathy for their characters that the movie, advertised as space fiction, turns into one o...

  • 75

    TV Guide Magazine

    Starman is a wonderful film that combines science fiction, road movies, and romance into an engaging, very entertaining whole.

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