Still Crazy

Released 1998


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Still Crazy is a 1998 romantic comedy about a fictional 1970s rock band called ‘Strange Fruit.’ After splitting up and staying apart for several decades, the old rockers get together to perform, once again, for a reunion concert at the same venue in which they played their very last gig. But getting back together and making it rock will not be as easy as it sounds. The group members may have once been hard-partying rockers, but these days, they have more to do with rocking chairs than rocking out. Do they still have, under all those wrinkles and all that extra padding, what it takes to be rock stars? Their former manager, Karen Knowles (Juliet Aubrey), believes that they do! Strange Fruit has to prove that they are still strange enough to rock a warm-up tour and a reunion concert, as well as attract fans who are young enough to be their children. Still Crazy was nominated for two Golden Globes in 1999.moreless
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Arts, Comedy, Drama, Music


Romantic Comedy, Satire