Stripped Down

Released 2009


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Stripped Down is a surrealistic feminist art statement stuffed inside a candy-coated exploitation bubble. While serving up images of gyrating nubile female strippers, Elana Krausz s film forms a critical dialog about modern feminism. Lily is a former stripper and manager of a seedy strip club. She is wise, but submissive, allowing herself to succumb to years of objectification and abuse. That will change in the course of 24 hours. During a series of events that involve her contemptuous and paranoid strip club owner husband, Larry, and a judgmental IRS Agent, Francis, along with two strippers that haunt the distant memory of Lily s past--Cara, a ferocious and selfdestructive hellcat, and Wren, an innocent seduced into the decadent lifestyle--Lily will metamorphose into a new person. It is during Lily s final transformation that the film switches gears and transcends the limitations of the stripper explotition genre to allow a full-blown surreal lyricism usually attributed to the works of David Lynch or Luis Bunuel. The resulting film is a unique hybrid of SHOWGIRLS, an inverted IN THE COMPANY OF MEN and THAT OBSCURE OBJECT OF DESIRE.moreless
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