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Supercross is a 2005 sport action drama by director Steve Boyum, revolving around the high stakes, high octane world of supercross motorcycle racing. After the father of brothers K. C. Carlyle (Steve Howey) and Trip Carlyle (Mike Vogel) dies mysteriously, the two motivate each other to get back on their bikes and return to compete, as rivals, in the Las Vegas Motorcross Championships. But the boys are very different—K. C. is a cautious rider and Trip is very naturally talented, but takes too many risks. When K. C. takes on corporate sponsorship, a rift forms between the two brothers and Trip decides to do it alone. That is, until a career-ending crash takes Trip off of the track forever and the brothers realize that they must work together in order to give K. C. any chance of winning the championships. Supercross is a fast paced sports movie about brothership and working together.moreless
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