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Swimfan is the 2002 erotic teen thriller starring Jesse Bradford and Erika Christensen, and is now available on Amazon. In the tradition of 1987's “Fatal Attraction” Swimfan portrays the dark reality of obsession and the consequences of a night of passion. In the world of high school competitive swimming, Ben Cronin (Bradford) is god. He is the star swimmer of the swim team, has a good job at the hospital, and a beautiful loving girlfriend Amy (Shiri Appleby). But all that changes when he meets new girl Madison Bell (Christensen) and helps her with her locker. Her flirting and advances play into his already present confusion about his future with college and his girlfriend, thus Ben gives into temptation and sleeps with Madison in the school pool. Though the encounter was meant to be a one night stand, Madison's presence continues to infiltrate every part of Ben's life until it is completely unrecognizable and devastated. When her obsession turns vengeful and deadly, Ben must try to make up for his mistake and save the one he loves.moreless
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Action & Adventure, Drama


Obsession, Thrillers, Infidelity, Peeping Tom, Characters With Hidden Agendas