Switching Goals

Released 1999


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Switching Goals is a pre-teen film directed by David Steinberg that highlights the lives of identical twin sisters Sam (Mary-Kate) and Emma (Ashley Olsen) Stanton during their soccer season. The two girls, though they look exactly alike, could not be anymore different. Sam is athletic tomboy, a star soccer player whose skills keep her on the best team in the league. Emma on the other hand prefers designer clothes to soccer uniforms and cute boys to soccer balls. When their mother forces their father to choose Emma for the better team, leaving Sam to be picked up by another, the two girls work together to make sure they both get what they want – Sam, the championship, and Emma, the bench! Of course, their schemes and mix-ups leads to some interesting adventures on the playing field as the girls learn about teamwork and hard work.moreless
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Action & Adventure, Comedy, Kids


Grade Schoolers, Pre-Teens, Tweens