Take Me Home

Released 2012


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Trailer for Take Me Home. Thom Colvin isn't having a good day. After getting turned down by a photography agency, he comes home to find his landlord evicting him. With no job prospects and no place to sleep, Thom must turn to his recurring last resort: driving his illegal taxicab around the streets of New York. Fortunately for him, Claire Barrow isn't having a good day, either. First she comes home to find her husband flirting with his new secretary, then discovers her estranged father has suffered a heart attack in California. In a frenzy, Claire runs out into the night and hails what she assumes to be a cab. What she gets instead...is Thom. With her life in ruins, Claire decides on a whim to make Thom drive her out to California. With nothing in New York to call his own, Thom reluctantly agrees. It's not too far into their trip when things start to go wrong. Claire loses her purse at a diner in Missouri. With both of them now penniless, the pair must find new ways of reaching the coast. With detours through mountains and deserts, and even their hometowns, Thom and Claire draw closer. What awaits them in California forces them to choose between the lives they've left behind, and the possibilities glimpsed in their journey together.moreless
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Comedy, Drama


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