Tarzan, the Ape Man

Released 1981


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Tarzan, the Ape Man stars Bo Derek as Jane in this 1981 adaptation of the classic Edgar Rice Burroughs tale about modern civilization colliding with wild, primal humans, and the power of love between cultures. The original novel was titled Tarzan of the Apes and focused on a man raised among apes without any human contact. He has adventures in the jungle and disputes with his gorilla family, and one day he learns of other humans and leaves the jungle. This adaptation chooses to focus on Jane, the beautiful young woman brought to the jungle by her hunter father, James Parker. James is there to hunt the mythical "white ape," prompting Tarzan to kidnap Jane out of self-defense. As James Parker tries to save his daughter, Jane begins to wonder if she wants to be saved, or if she's happier living in the wild with this free spirit, Tarzan. The film is directed by John Derek and stars Richard Harris as Tarzan. Tarzan, the Ape Man is a new take on an old standard, a primal love story full of adventure and romance.moreless
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