Teen Witch

Released 1989


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  • Brad could have been smarter.


    Okay, okay. I know. This movie is strange but I LOVE it! This magical, musical, romantic comedy has it own fair share of mockers. It's funny and sometimes (okay most of the time) doesn't make any sense but isn't that what it was suppose to be? Louise who's having the typical nerdy teen problems at school and at home discovers on her 16th birthday she's a witch. Okay, how'd this happen? Mom and Dad not telling something right? Well, Louise has this crush on Brad who's the typical football jock with a snobby girlfriend. New powers means Brad is MINE! So that's basically what happens. There's some chemistry between these two characters but I do wish that Brad was a little more intelligent. If he was that cheapo magic might not have worked so well or at the end when she gives up her magic and wants Brad to love her for being her I think he would've dumped her butt right then and there for trying to control him!

    At the end when she's taken the magic off of him and he's deciding which one to go to. I mean look right there! He can't decide which girl he wants to be with?! It's not rocket science Brad! The girl you've been with all through high school ( even though she is a snob) or the new girlfriend who you recently thought of as just a nerd but now has some creepy control over you! Oh well, when I was kid I wanted them together and it's an entertaining movie for whenever you have a need to go back to the crazy 80s.

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supernatural forces, teen angst, Romantic Comedy