The Adventures of Robin Hood

Released 1938


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Michael Curtiz , William Keighley
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The Adventures of Robin Hood is the lush 1938 screen adaptation of the legendary hero of Sherwood Forest starring Errol Flynn as the swashbuckler bandit and Olivia De Havilland as his lovely Maid Marion. King Richard the Lionhearted (Ian Hunter) has joined the Crusades in the Holy Land and left his brother, Prince John (Claude Rains) as caretaker of the land. With the help of the greedy Sir Guy of Gisbourne (Basil Rathbone), Prince John unreasonably taxes the peasants. One of Richard's loyal lords, Sir Robin of Locksley (Errol Flynn), stands up to the new ruler and hides in Sherwood Forest to escape capture. He soon finds a merry band of other King Richard loyalists: Little John (Alan Hale), Friar Tuck (Eugene Pallette) and young Will Scarlet (Patric Knowles). The outlaw gang soon makes a sport of robbing the rich and giving to the poor. During one of their robberies, Robin meets the beautiful Maid Marion (Olivia De Havilland), one of the royal court's lady-in-waiting. Defying the risk, Robin woos Marion in the royal castle. Prince John and Gisbourne scheme to lure Robin into their lair with an archery contest so they can finally capture the rebel, but little do they know that King Richard has actually returned to British soil.moreless


Metacritic Score

  • 100

    Chicago Sun-Times Roger Ebert

    Made with sublime innocence and breathtaking artistry, at a time when its simple values rang true.

  • 100

    TV Guide Magazine

    Only a spirited and extravagant production could do justice to the Robin Hood legend; this film is more than equal to the task. Korngold's score won a well-deserved Oscar, as did t...

  • 90


    Film is done in the grand manner of silent-day spectacles with sweep and breadth of action, swordplay and hand-to-hand battles between Norman and Saxon barons.

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