The Adventures of the American Rabbit

Released 1986


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Fred Wolf , Nobutaka Nishizawa
A young rabbit transforms into a star spangled superhero to battle evil.
  • Just an average animated movie :/

    The Adventures of the American Rabbit has an interesting concept of giving an anthropomorphic rabbit the ability of flight, super strength and telekinetic powers (the last one never being explained). I would've enjoyed it much more if it was a tv show and that's kinda what the movie is; a 13 episode tv show cut down to 90 minutes and released as a movie. You can tell that that must of been the intention as the story is really rushed and underdeveloped; there's little to no tension in the action scenes and the climax goes on until the very end of the movie. On top of that, the main story feels like the plot of a 20 minute episode spanned almost 5x it's length; Rob tries to help a club owner and his band afford enough money to repair his club after it was trashed by evil bikers under the orders of a generic villain. What's worse is that this plot is never resolved by the end of the movie; the filmmakers were apparently so caught up in making Rob a hero that they forgot to complete the story. Moving on to the characters, they all range from being okay to really bland. Rob is the "hero who has to keep his identity a secret for no clear reason" protagonist we've seen dozens of times before; we're told he's gifted but we aren't shown that much about why he's gifted. Teddy is the owner of the club and that's about it, Bunny O'Hare is Rob's love interest and that's about it and Vultor the Buzzard is a generic villain who's evil because potatoes and that's about it. If there is one character that stands out aside from Rob, it's Ping Pong the gorilla (play by Garfield himself, Lorenzo Music); personally, I really like the lines he's given and I like how he's helpful (sometimes) in a situation. The rest of the characters such as the band or the biker jackels are just there to give Rob a reason to take action. Then there's the animation which by 80s standards, is really good. The character designs are really well done, given them more depth and personality than their actual character. The character animation flows nicely, especially when the characters move and the backgrounds look really good as well. My only complaint about the animation is that its really slow; I mean, it's like the early incarnation of Astro Boy from the 50s and you'd think the animation would be faster and more intense during the action and flying scenes. So overall, The Adventures of the American Rabbit is a pretty average film that would've been much better as an animated series; the story is rushed and underdeveloped, the characters aren't that interesting and while the animation isn't bad, it was still lacking in terms of pacing. I only recommend you watch this once and petition to have this remade for television; because it clearly didn't work as a movie :/moreless

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