The Amazing Spider-Man

Columbia Pictures Released 2012



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Marc Webb

The lonely high school outcast Peter Parker is struggling to find his identity and the affection of the beautiful Gwen Stacy. While living with his Aunt and Uncle after his parents disappearence years earlier, he discovers some old papers of his father's. He begins investigating and comes in contact with Dr. Curt Conners, as well as a radioactive spider, which gives him superhuman powers. Armed with is new skills, Peter takes on the mystery of his parents fate and Dr. Conners' evil plan.

Metacritic Score

  • 80

    The Hollywood Reporter

    While the two leads deliver the goods and manage to combine a frisky sense of first love with the movie's gloomier arc, they are well-served by a terrific supporting cast.

  • 80

    The Guardian Andrew Pulver

    It's the successul synthesis of the two ? action and emotion ? that means this Spider-Man is as enjoyable as it is impressive: Webb's control of mood and texture is near faultless ...

  • 80

    Total Film

    It isn't perfect but this reboot's wins outweigh its wobbles. The leads charm, the action crackles and the grooves are well-laid for part two. Untold story? Next time, then.

  • Meh. Very Average.

    There is no chemistry between any of the actors and the dialog/pacing of the film is bad. Great CGI and action sequences though. In the end it should NOT have been made.
  • More better of the Sam Raimi's Trilogy.

    The Amazing Spider-Man is an epic reboot and an epic beginnig of a new Spider-Man saga.
  • Review for The Amazing Spiderman

    I thought that movie was good in my opinion. Some people disliked the movie, but the acting was good. I liked the clothing Peter Parker wore. I didnt like about that how they didnt talk about how he was a kid without living with his parents. The overall of this movie is great but not great.
  • What was the point of this film?

    I managed to watch the whole thing, but it felt longer than "Apocalypse Now". Why do we need 30 minutes to tell the origin story? We all know it, seen it several times already, and changing a few minor details doesn't make it more interesting. Why did they choose Emma Stone to play Gwen? She looked like she's in her 30's. Why did Spiderman's suit look like it was made out of basketball covers? And, I thought the CGI fight scenes would never end...they went on and on and on with animated characters bouncing around like blips in a Pong game. Possibly the worst, most pointless Marvel film to date.moreless
Andrew Garfield

Andrew Garfield

Spider-Man / Peter Parker

Emma Stone

Emma Stone

Gwen Stacy

Rhys Ifans

Rhys Ifans

The Lizard / Dr. Curt Connors

Denis Leary

Denis Leary

Captain Stacy

Campbell Scott

Campbell Scott

Richard Parker

Irrfan Khan

Irrfan Khan

Rajit Ratha

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