The Apparition

Released 2012


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Experience even more terrifying forces in 25 minutes of bonus features! First, stars Ashley Greene, Sebastian Stan and Tom Felton expose the film's petrifying ""experiment gone wrong"" that brought on the apparition. Then, professional ghost hunters reveal the terrifying reality behind some supernatural events and explore real-life haunted locations, where paranormal sightings, mysterious disappearances and bizarre occurrences have been reported. Theorizing that the paranormal exists as a result of human belief, a group of students attempt to create a supernatural entity. The experiment goes horribly wrong. Years later, young couple Kelly (Ashley Greene, the Twilight series) and Ben (Sebastian Stan, Gossip Girl) begin to experience a terrifying, unexplained presence in their new home. In desperation, they enlist the help of a paranormal specialist (Tom Felton, the Harry Potter series), only to find that they're the real target of the apparition's horror.moreless
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