The Billionaires' Tea Party

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Movie: The Billionaires' Tea Party


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Exploring the Tea Party movement that has swept America, The Billionaires' Tea Party uncovers the shadowy face of Uncle Sam. For behind the movement's rhetoric of 'freedom' versus 'socialism' lies a highly co-ordinated network of groups, funded by the big businesses for whom free healthcare and high taxes are a big threat. With the clarity of the outsider, which has served the documentary genre so well, Australian Taki Oldman infiltrates some of the Tea Party movement's key events, letting the unglamorous facts speak for themselves. The chants of 'USSA!' are the chants of billionaire oil barons Charles and David Koch, the banners of Obama with a Hitler tash are backed by million dollar investments by private firms - and these words and images are whipped to fever pitch by the good people at Fox News. Astroturfing - the pithy term for the act of faking grassroots movements to further corporate ends - has long been a mutter under the breath in some of the world's most 'civilised' democracies. Yet it's only now that a thorough investigation has called the true motives of a major party to account. Oldman's film is a universal cautionary tale for anyone who has forgotten that politics are never what they seem.moreless
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