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Released 2013


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T.J. Castronovo
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Have you ever wondered what the day-to-day trials and tribulations of a working actress are in America's dream factory, Hollywood? What does it take to "make it" in the land of movies and mammaries? The new slice-of-life comedy, "The Biz", takes us on an adventure into that very real and very funny place where nothing is as it seems, and everyone's got advice for you. We follow an aspiring Hollywood actress, also known as Jennifer, on an often hellish and surreal quest for fame and fortune. Written and shot in a unique mockumentary fashion, the lovely but exceedingly neurotic heroine, Jennifer and her stand-up comic mother, "Babs", live together, rehearse together, fight, and cry together in suburban North Hollywood, while they pursue their dreams in the city below. With a roving documentary crew in tow, we follow Jennifer as she goes out for various auditions, and studies under different acting coaches and gurus. Being a "self-hating people pleaser", Jennifer lives two distinctly different lives... She's a confident, outgoing, gorgeous woman with a killer dry wit, but then in a split-second, she's a blubbering pile of mania and confusion. Crazy, Jewish, and frequently hilarious, "Babs", both stands up for her delicate daughter's struggles with rejection, and alternately finds joy in destroying what's left of their already fractured family. With an outstanding star-studded comic cast that includes Jeff Conaway ("Taxi", "Babylon 5"), Seymour Cassell ("The Life Aquatic", "Rushmore), Nick Turturro ("Zookeeper", "NYPD Blue"), Sandy Martin, and Joey Walsh (Writer of Robert Altman's "California Split"), newcomer to feature films, yet seasoned TV actress, Kelly Rebecca Walsh and real life mom, Barbara London, "The Biz" does its very best to shed light on the sinners and saints of Tinseltown!moreless

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