The Blues Brothers (Unrated)

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John Landis (I)
The Blues Brothers is the legendary 1980 comedy smash hit full of memorable musical numbers from a Who's Who of American music legends and big scale scenes of eye-popping destruction from acclaimed comedy director John Landis (An American Werewolf in London, Animal House, Coming to America). Elwood Blues and Joliet Jake are two former musicians trying to lead a straight life after numerous illegal incidents in the past when they were traveling with their band. After Jake makes parole, the two head to their former orphanage for a visit only to find out it's in danger of being shut down with only eleven days to get the money. Not wanting to lose the only home they've known and after getting a inspiration from visiting a local church. The two set out to reunite their old band and raise the money. But a simple red light running gets the cops right back on their tail. Pretty soon modern day Nazis, an angry country band, the mob and the whole police force of Chicago is gunning for them.moreless
  • This movie isn't for me :/.

    Not to say it's overrated but rather I don't get it. I know it's a story about redemption and it's meant to be a funny movie in which shit happens and there's supposed to be catchy musical numbers, but (and this is a big, fat but) I just didn't find it funny, all that entertaining and I only liked a few of the songs. I know alot of people like this movie but there are a lot of things in this movie that just don't make sense even by film standards. For example, why didn't Carrie Fisher's character just talk things over with Jake about him accidentally standing her up out the alter instead of trying to kill him with illegal fire arms? Better yet, why is Carrie Fisher in this movie anyway? She adds absolutely nothing to the plot and her only motivation is not only easily fixable but is also completely ***ed. Yes I know it sucks to be stood up like that, but is killing your fianc really necessary? Will that accomplished anything, anything at all? And another thing, how did Jake and Elwood not die from all the times they were almost killed by Carrie Fisher? I know this is a work of fiction but the law of death should still apply. Also why weren't the orphans more suppotive? Their orphanage was going to be closed, you'd think they'd help out too. Lastly, why did Jake and Elwood swear in front of a nun? You'd think they'd know better considering this was the same woman that looked after them when their parents died. I'll admit some of the songs were catchy and the car chases were cool, but this was a major let down for me because the filmmakers deliberately refused to explain anything for the sake of the joke. It's films like this that make people criticized a film to show, not tell. I'd only recommend this movie if your a true Blues Brothers fan because that's apparently who the target audience is. As for everyone else, the sequel is much better; it's better told, fairly funny and has more catchy tunes. While many people praise this film and loathe the sequel, it's the other way around for me.moreless

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