The Bride

Released 1985


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The Bride is a horror movie in which director Franc Roddam takes Mary Shelley’s story of Frankenstein one step further, with music legend Sting starring as the Baron Charles Frankenstein. Dr. Frankenstein is the mad scientist who created the Frankenstein monster (Clancy Brown) and in this spin-off of the classic tale, he works to create a mate for his monster, called Eva (Jennifer Beals). Eva is beautiful, without any of the deformities and inhuman characteristics of the monster, and she rejects him out of disgust. When the monster is so enraged by her rejection that he flies into a fit that leads to the destruction of Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory, Dr. Frankenstein flees with Eva to the Castle Frankenstein. There, he finds himself falling in love with her and decides that she will become the perfect mate for him, rather than his monster. What he does not know is that the monster is still alive and shares a psychic bond with Eva, whom he is intent on making his own. Whom will Eva end up with in the end? Is she more monster, as her origins would dictate, or more human, as her beautiful exterior would lead one to believe? The Bride is a horror movie, but also a dark romance.moreless
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Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Science Fiction


Creatures & Monsters, Love & Romance, Monsters & Mutants, Adult