The Brink's Job

Released 1978




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The Brink's Job

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William Friedkin

The Brink's Job is a picaresque comedy caper movie about one of America's most famous crimes - the infamous Brink's robbery of 1950, when the very headquarters (in Boston) of the renowned security firm (whose proud boast was that its wagons, trucks and armoured cars had never been robbed) was the scene of a huge heist by armed men. With a seven-figure sum in cash taken by the thieves, the press was full of the story for months, and the FBI put many of its best men on the job of finding the perpetrators. FBI director J. Edgar Hoover even suggested that the crime had its origins in Russia, and spoke of a connection between the Mafia and Communism! In reality, even more embarrassingly, the thieves were a bunch of small-time no-hopers whom the investigators had largely ignored, and they were only caught by accident, nearly six years later.


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  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Gerry Murphy was uncharacteristically billed as "Gerald Murphy". The film appears to have been Claudia Peluso's only movie-acting role.

    • John Frankenheimer was originally attached to this project as director, but envisaged a rather more serious approach to the subject.

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    • No solution for this famous crime was made until 1956, when the authorities finally learned the identities of the thieves, more or less by accident. One of the Brink's robbers, O'Keefe, was arrested on a minor, unrelated charge and, in a paranoid state, confessed to the earlier crime as well, believing inaccurately that his captors knew of his involvement. The Statute of Limitations, being six years, had been about to run out on the Brink's robbery - had O'Keefe been arrested only a fortnight later, the other thieves could not have been apprehended.

    • The robbery of the Boston headquarters of the famous Brink's security firm in 1950 was, for a time, the biggest single robbery in known history, with at least $1.5 million being stolen (in cash) from the HQ. However, exactly how much was stolen was a matter of considerable contention, as the Brink's company, greatly embarrassed by the robbery, was extremely reluctant to give out exact figures. Some have suggested it was a considerably greater sum.


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