The Chase

Columbia Released 1966




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Arthur Penn
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The Chase (1966) was directed by Arthur Penn a year before his huge breakthrough success with Bonnie And Clyde. It covers the events of a single day in and around a small town in Tarl County, Texas. It's the sort of place where everyone knows everyone else and most people work for Val Rogers - banker, oil man, political fixer, the biggest man in the region. Charles "Bubber" Reeves, a local who never had two coins to rub together and was always getting into minor trouble, has escaped from prison because his wife Anna is, he thinks, having an affair with Val's son and heir, Jake, who was his best friend despite their vast economic disparity. The local sheriff, Calder, knows Bubber has escaped with another man, a killer, and, soon enough, a travelling salesman is found dead, his car stolen. Bubber didn't do it (he was betrayed and abandoned by the other fellow) but his continuing presence in the area creates hysteria as gun-toting citizens turn into vigilantes and organize a manhunt. Calder's goal is to bring Bubber in unharmed and, to do that, he must risk his life and stand up to the Rogers family and just about everyone else, too.


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  • TRIVIA (2)

    • This was the first film to be produced by Sam Spiegel since the huge success of Lawrence Of Arabia, nearly four years earlier. Despite critical acclaim, the film was a box-office flop and might be said to be the beginning of the legendary producer's downfall; he produced nothing else in his career which was a financial success, and most of his subsequent films were also very expensive.

    • This adaptation of Horton Foote's 1952 Broadway play comes via the novel Foote had adapted from his play-script about ten years before this film appeared. His original was quite freely adapted for this film, which had a number of screenwriters in addition to the one credited. Ivan Moffatt and director Arthur Penn are known to have done considerable rewriting, some of it during filming.

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    • Emily Stewart: All you need to come to my party is a pistol, and you've got one.
      Calder: With all the pistols you got there, Emily, I don't think there'd be room for mine.

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