The Cheetah Girls 2

Released 2006


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Kenny Ortega
Look out Spain, here comes the Cheetah Girls! The Cheetahs are back and this time they're headed to Barcelona with Galleria and Chanel's mom for the New Voices competition. While in Spain the Cheetahs discover their different interests. Meanwhile Chanel's mom waits for Luc to propose to her and Dorothea suspects that Lola is plotting to sabotage. In the end the Cheetahs shows their audience that nothing and no one can break them apart.
  • The best of the three!

    This was definetly my favourite of the 3 movies, for one, all 4 Cheetah Girls were in it, the songs were amazing, the storyline was great, the destination was beautiful, it worked well, not one bad word to say about the film except that i didn't care much for the repeat of the group "breaking" up, though this happened, i still enjoyed the movie, it was exciting. Most of the best songs from the film series come from this film. I'm glad this has remained my favourite, my favourite song overall was Step Up, very catchy and something you can dance along too. 10/10 this movie gets!moreless
  • The Cheetahs are headin' to spain!

    I luved this one better than the first one the cheetah girls 2 was more adventureus and fun I liked Galleria and Angel together it was cute. Galleria was less meanier cause in the first one Galleria was a pushy and mean but in this one she was more dedicated into rehearsin' than bein' all bossy and mean. This movie derserves a 10 it was just phenomanal, it was great, Aqua was greedy, Chanel was actin' like a spoiled brat, Dorinda was in luv and as for Galleria she was in luv but she was focused in rehearsin' Then in the middle of the end Galleria wanted to leave cause the other cheetahs were out doin' their own thing.moreless
  • I loved the first movie, but this one was the best! I can't wait for the third one!

    I loved the Cheetah Girls 1, but this movie took it to a whole new level. The Cheetah Girls went to Spain to go and see Chanelle's Mom's boyfirend. There are so many things I loved in the movie, but I'm gonna start with the songs. I loved all the songs in the movie, but my favorite was the last one. The dance moves were absolutely amazing. I loved how they went to Barsolona. It was such a pretty place. I think it was so cool seeing them run down the streets while singing the song, Strut. I loved the girls, but my least favorite was Gabriella. This movie ended up to be yet another Cheetahlish movie!moreless
  • The Cheetahs are headed to Barcelona with Galleria and Chanel's mom for the New Voices competition. While in Spain the Cheetahs discover their different interests. In the end the girls shows their audience that nothing and no one can break them apart.moreless

    This sequel is better then the first movie with new characters and a new location. I love this movie just as much I love the first one. The music was even better and more songs then the last one. I loved the storyline and the culture of the new location combined all together to make another good movie for kids. I was glad I was able to see this movie on television when it aired on Disney Channel the first time. To anyone who have not seen this movie yet, I suggest you try watching because it worth it and fun to watch.moreless
  • I think Cheetah girls two dosen't even start to compare to Cheetah girls one.

    I thought this movie was good but not as good as I expected it to be. It focused around the Cheetah girls going to Spain for a new artist competition where they will be up against very talented singers which include a Spanish artist Marisol who has a mother with very bad intentions. The movie was sometimes on the cheesy side of things and was not evenly distributed and seemed like the Cheetahs have changed alot since their first movie which I did not like not that I am saying character development is bad but they changed into seperation instead of becoming closer. Same old storyline but in a different setting : Galleria controls the group so they get mad at her but tthe writers just added Marisol and some love complications. The movie was uneventful and everything moved too fast not like the first movie where things approached themselves in the perfect timing. The songs were very good and so much better than the first movie's songs and the routines were much more spectacular. I was mad about the fact that there was not spotlight on Chanel and that they made her into a side character instead of giving her some importance but I have to say that I never felt Chanel was one of the Cheetah girls. The setting Spain was wonderful but I did miss America and their high school type of movie. All in all it's fun to watch but is not very entertaining unless if it was time for a song or for a view of Spain.moreless

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