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In this "trequel" to The Cheetah Girls, Chanel, Dorinda, and Aqua, are off to India to star in a Bollywood movie. But when they arrive there, they discover that they will have to compete against each other to get the role in the movie. Will the Cheetah's break up again? This film stars the basic cast from The Cheetah Girls 2, excluding Raven-Symone's character Galleria Garibaldi who'll be in a college in England.
  • I was looking forward to this movie but...

    Okay, so far, i think this movie is the best aka i didnt enjoy the previous movies.

    I found it funny that Chanel mistook Bollywood for Hollywood. and it was cool that disney finally went to the other side of the world

    the songs were awesome but i thought that they sung too much at a time.

    the dancing was awesome and well co-ordinated

    But the solution came too fast. it was so rushed in the end. everything went fine until the problem. so, the ending was so obvious.

    But i have a feeling they are pretty racist. because at one part of the road to cheetah girls where they invited the guests, they invited Americans and Australians. I mean, yeah, its cool that they call Indian their home and all but not one indian visited them even though the country is called INDIA. I was like "Racist much?"

    But anyway, it was a good movie (until the end). forget about my ratings.moreless
  • what can i say well you will just have to wait till i finally start on my review of the cheetah girls:ow and u know i dont know what to classify this as abyismal comes to mind and dont get me wrong i tried. i like cheetah girls films but i watched it 3x.moreless

    well lets get to it. this movie starts out with the cheetah girls at a failed audition in new york and then they got to this east india food house and all the sudden they get a phone call from some stranger. they audition for this movie in bollywood and then they get cast but little do they know the certain faith of there role in the film. they arrive in india and go around the town meet some old guy with a bead tree and make wishes. then aqua finally meets her tech support hero who lives there. which soon after the cheetahs find out that they have to battle it out for the lead in this film the claws come out in a fierce dance battle. but the cheetahs find the perfect person for the lead along this hot bollywood actor who's name escapes me at the moment and they all live happily ever after the end. so like my review this movie is some what choppy and has no storyline to it i cut out a bunch of parts in the review because i felt it was pointless. my point this movie has more plot holes in it then a road in the province of manitoba and i know that if this movie was done differently it might have been better no one can say for sure. but one thing is obvious this movie was cheetah girls: one waste of time .moreless
  • My least favourite in the series, i liked the songs, they were catchy and fun but the one thing that just didnt work for me was the absence of Raven.

    The movies story seemed rushed, it was a bit stupid how the group had all this exposure in spain then have no fame whats so ever when they get back, they went to India without any parental accompany, they said yes to total strangers to go to India, like that would happen, it was made out basically so Galleria never existed, barely any mention of her and the film seemed too short for me, it's definetly my least favourite of the series, without Raven, theres something missing that an international destination can't replace, Galleria should have been in it, It was still good but could have been so much better.moreless
  • Best One Yet!

    I admit I miss Raven but this movie was still off the chain. The plot moved along perfectly and the girls looked better than ever. Every song was great which is rare for a movie with many songs. I only wish Galleria could have made a small appearance, at least. The ending was refreshing because the girls didn't get the part which would've been too predicable. I hope this isn't the last movie because they could do a lot more stories with The Cheetah Girls. I can't wait to see how many people watched, I think TCG is as good as HSM.moreless
  • Here I am to give my prediction for the movie until it premieres soon.

    The title speaks for itself, The Cheetah Girls should just stay in one world. I liked the first movie in New York, and the second in Spain was also good. But this movie took it too far. First off, no Raven! How about that! Just extremely cruel for the writers to do that. Second, Disney Channel should've just let this one take place in New York and stop trying to make The Cheetah Girls seem "international". Third, Disney's done it again. Like the first and second, The Cheetah Girls all get mad at each other and break up. But at the end, it all works out. Well here's one thing, GET A BETTER PLOT!!!!! I was expecting something much better than this, but it turns out it led to my disappointment. I am not going to watch this movie when it premieres or EVER! Hopefully the fourth one (if it'll even get one) will be better and actually have a newer plot, it might also take place in New York. That will be the best movie ever. But right now, Disney's given me crap.

    FINAL GRADE: Fmoreless

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