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The Cheetah Girls

Released 2003


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Oz Scott
Based on the young adult book series by Deborah Gregory, The Cheetah Girls is a TV movie series that takes a look at the lives of four New York City based girls who dream of superstardom in the music world. They've got talent, but the obstacles they face along the way seem surmountable at times. Do they have the strength to make it to the top?
  • loveit

    i love this movie im so happy it

    came out
  • Based on a book series, The Cheetah Girls takes a look at the lives of four New York City girls who dream of super stardom in the music world. They've got talent, but the obstacles they face along the way seem surmountable at times.moreless

    I love this movie when it aired the first time on Disney Channel. It was one of my most favorite movie when I was younger and still a movie I really like to watch when I have nothing else to watch. To any young kid and/or teenager who have not seen this movie, I suggest you do because it that good and great for kids. I was glad I was able to see this movie because its great from the storyline down to all the characters. Good thing they made sequels to the first one. I love this movie and can't not wait until the others.moreless
  • it's entertaining

    unfortunately i saw this movie 2 years after it aired. it now looks dated. the new cheetah girls 2 is a much better movie. to judge this movie based on it's own merits, it's a decent movie with musical sequences in it. it's not too serious, it's fun to watch girls getting in their beat and sing their songs. the movie's been awhile now that the girls have all grown up by the time the sequel came out. raven is especially the best part of the movie, her character holds the plot together, and everything revolves around her. it's a good movie, it's just a bit old when you watch it years after its first airing.moreless
  • I love the Cheetah Girls!

    I love the Cheetah Girls. I have watched both movies and I hope they make another one. My favorite cheetah girl character Dorinda. She is awsome. I love the movies and I love their songs. I love "Cinderella," "Step Up," and "Amigas Cheetah." I love the Cheetah girls and I really hope that they make another one. I am almost done writing my review. I don't really like how Galleria makes everything they do about her self. She isn't the only one in the group. Well now that I have finished writing my review I would like to say one more time The Cheetah girls are awsome.moreless
  • A great movie!

    This was such a wonderful movie about four girls who love to sing and dance and hope to become pop stars. What they learn is the road to fame is not as easy as they imagined it to be.

    Galleria learns about friendship and that you should let the people you love make their own choices. She didn't agree with the choices the girls made, and she tried to make decisions for them. What she learns is how to make group decisions. That's a great way to keep your friends.

    I've been in situations where I've tried bossing people around, and I ended up really hurting them. It's best to work together and not try to take over. That's what Galleria learns.

    I think this movie sets a great example for anybody and is a great lesson in friendship.moreless

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